07.02.19 | News

Even greater mobility in the Nordic Region

Freedom of movement is one of the cornerstones of Nordic co-operation, and it will soon be even easier to relocate to another Nordic country to work, study, run a business or just to live there. The Nordic Mobility Action Programme 2019–21 outlines how progress will be made toward these...

01.11.18 | News

Jessica Polfjärd to lead Nordic Council in 2019

The President of the Nordic Council for 2019, Jessica Polfjärd, is enthusiastic about the substance and relevance of the debate as she looks back on the 70th Session of the Nordic Council. Her role as President will commence in January when Sweden takes over the presidency from Norway. ...

11.03.19 | Information

Info Nordens årsrapporter

Här kan du hämta årsrapporter för Nordiska ministerrådets informationstjänst, Info Norden.