10.04.19 | News

Minskad byråkrati underlättar Norgeflytt

Många nordbor som sökt sig till Norge för att jobba eller studera har upplevt kraven för folkbokföring som ett gränshinder. Efter påtryckningar från Gränshinderrådet lättar nu norska skattemyndigheten på kraven.

07.02.19 | News

Even greater mobility in the Nordic Region

Freedom of movement is one of the cornerstones of Nordic co-operation, and it will soon be even easier to relocate to another Nordic country to work, study, run a business or just to live there. The Nordic Mobility Action Programme 2019–21 outlines how progress will be made toward these...

25.04.19 | Information

Freedom of movement

It should be possible for private individuals and companies to move, commute, study or conduct business as freely as possible across borders in the Nordic Region without fear of of getting caught up in red tape. An open Nordic Region benefits us all, so great efforts are made to promote...