Job-seeking in Greenland

Naturresursrådet i Attu vid Grönlands västkust
Naturresursrådet i Attu vid Grönlands västkust
Here you will find links to portals with current job listings for jobs throughout Greenland.

The labour market in Greenland is unusual, as most jobs are in the public sector or in large government-owned companies, and the private sector is very small.There is very low unemployment, and for some jobs in certain industries, it is difficult to attract labour.  There are good job opportunities for highly educated persons and healthcare professionals. 

Jobs in the public sector

The Government of Greenland is one of the largest workplaces in Greenland, and vacancies are advertised on the Government's website, Nanoq.   

The Greenlandic municipalities operate a number of functions which in many other countries would be outsourced to the private sector. Greenland is divided into five municipalities: Avannaata Municipality in the north, Qeqertalik Municipality and Qeqqata Municipality on the west coast, Kujalleq Municipality in the south and Sermersooq Municipality, which covers an area from the east coast to the west coast.       

Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, lies in Sermersooq Municipality. 

Other job portals

The Government of Greenland operates the job portal, which collects job advertisements for both public and private companies throughout Greenland.   

Both the public sector and many companies advertise positions via the Danish job portal Jobindex, where you can apply separately for jobs in Greenland.

Mediehuset Sermitsiaq.AG operates a job portal with job advertisements for all of Greenland.   

HireMe is a Greenlandic job portal that focuses exclusively on Greenland. In the portal, you can find jobs in all of the municipalities in Greenland.

Summer holiday work in Greenland

Nordjobb arranges summer holiday jobs in other Nordic countries for young people aged 18-30 years.

You can apply if: 

  • You are a Nordic or EU citizen
  • You are aged between 18 and 30

It is an advantage if you speak Swedish, Norwegian or Danish, but in some cases the application can also be written in English.

Nordjobb is administered by the Confederation of Nordic Associations in Copenhagen.  

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