Language courses for migrants to the Faroe Islands

Sprogkurser for tilflyttere til Færøerne
As a foreigner in the Faroe Islands, you can receive 20 hours of free Faroese lessons. You can read more about the possibilities for learning Faroese on this page.

Language courses for migrants to the Faroe Islands 

Here you can read about the possibilities you have in the Faroe Islands to take courses in Faroese for foreigners.

Foreigners who move to the Faroe Islands usually have the right to 20 lessons in Faroese.  

You must pay for any additional tuition yourself. The 20 free lessons also apply to schoolchildren who have moved to the Faroe Islands. If you would like to know more about Faroese lessons for foreigners, contact your local municipality.  

Some evening schools around the Faroe Islands offer Faroese language lessons for foreigners.  The evening schools are administered by the municipalities. 

In Klaksvig the evening school may be contacted at the email address

In Torshavn the evening school may be contacted at the email address

 If you wish to receive more lessons in Faroese than the 20 free hours, this is possible at, amongst other places, the course centre Skeiðsdepilin in Torshavn, which offers a course in written and spoken Faroese. The course is suitable for anyone who has limited skills in Faroese, including foreigners in the Faroe Islands. The course has 80 lessons of 55 minutes each, and there are three lessons each week from September to April.

If you are interested, contact Skeiðsdepilin for more information about time, venue and price. They can be contacted at tel. + 298 318813, and the e-mail address is:

If you would like to learn Faroese at beginner level from home, the publisher Stiðin has published a basic course in “Faroese - A Language Course for Beginners”. This is a package with texts, CD and grammar, and may be purchased in bookstores. The audio part of this package is also available on the internet and is free of charge. The language of instruction is English.

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