Work and Residence Permits in Iceland

Atvinnu- og dvalarleyfi á Íslandi
Here you can find information for persons who want to live and work in Iceland for a longer period.

Nordic citizens

Citizens of Nordic countries do not need either a work or residence permit to be able to live and work in other Nordic countries. However, they are obliged to comply with the rules of the state concerned regarding registration in the national registry. 


Citizens of EU and EEA states

Citizens of countries of the EEA can stay in Iceland without a special permit for up to three months from the time they arrived in Iceland. If a person is looking for work, he/she can stay in Iceland for up to six months. After that time, persons must register with Registers Iceland.


Citizens from other parts of the world

Citizens from countries outside the EEA wishing to move to Iceland to work there must obtain a work permit. They also need a residence permit in order to be able to reside legally in Iceland. There are different types of residence permits depending on the reason for the stay.

The Directorate of Immigration issues residence permits and visas in Iceland. In the capital region applications for both must be submitted to the Directorate of Immigration, while in other districts the respective District Commissioner looks after these matters.

Further information on residence and work permits in Iceland can be obtained from the Directorate of Immigration and the Multicultural Center .

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