Here you will find information about seeking work, authorisation and unemployment insurance.

Person ved en computer

Electronic ID

Mænd der arbejder i Danmark

Working in Iceland

Endurhæfing og endurhæfingarlífeyrir á Íslandi

Rehabilitation and rehabilitation pensions in Iceland

Skattar á Íslandi

Taxation in Iceland

Sjúkradagpeningar á Íslandi

Sickness benefit in Iceland

Atvinnuleysisbætur á Íslandi

Unemployment benefits in Iceland

Atvinnuleit á Íslandi

Looking for work in Iceland

Viðurkenning á prófum á Íslandi

Recognition of Examinations in Iceland

Info Norden is the information service of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Here you can find info and tips if you wish to move, work, study, seek support or start a business in the Nordic region.