Electronic ID in Iceland

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Here you can read about electronic identification (electronic ID or e-ID).

Electronic ID

Everyone who intends to use online banking services must have an electronic ID. With electronic IDs you can prove who you are, sign agreements and payments with public agencies and private companies and confirm who you are or your purchase with a password. You have to apply for electronic ID specifically. 

What is electronic ID?

Electronic ID is an identification document used in the digital world. Identifying yourself using electronic ID is equivalent to showing personal identification. Electronic ID can be used to provide a fully valid signature and it is equivalent to your own signature.

How do I get an electronic ID?

From commercial banks, savings banks and Auðkenni. You can have electronic ID on your phone or smart card. If you wish to have an electronic ID on your phone, first check if your SIM card supports electronic ID. If not, you can get a card that does from your network operator. You then go to a commercial bank, savings bank or Auðkenni and get an electronic ID there. To apply for electronic ID, you must always have a valid driver's license, passport or identity card with a photo.

What do I use electronic ID for?

You can use the ID to identify yourself and provide a valid signature. Most public agencies and local authorities already offer logins to service sites using electronic IDs, as do all commercial banks, savings banks and other parties. 

Further information

Further information can be found on Skilríki’s website. 

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