The Foreign Desk: Biodiversity topping the Nordic agenda

Elizabeth Lewis / Unsplash
The global environmental agenda has been dominated by aims to reduce CO2 emissions, but increasingly the Nordic countries are turning their focus to biodiversity and protecting nature.

Monocle’s ‘The Foreign Desk’ and Michael Booth have teamed up with the Nordic Council of Ministers for a series of five special, monthly episodes delving deeper into topics of global importance from the region. 

The third episode looks at how the region is balancing the often-conflicting demands of CO2 reduction, industrial agriculture and the natural world. Enjoy  The Foreign Desk (link below) for new insights from Michael Booth and his brilliant line-up of guests:

  • Lea Wermelin, Minister for the Environment, Demark
  • Ulf Nilsson, Invasive species expert, Sweden.
  • Lise Lykke Steffensen, Direktor Nordgen 
  • Lasse Eriksen Bjørn, Saami Council's Arctic and Environment Unit 
  • Tine Sille Svendsen, Nordic youth advisory group on biodiversity

Please note that this podcast is only available in English.