The Åland Foundation for the Future of the Baltic Sea (the Baltic Foundation) Åland

The main area of the work of the Baltic Foundation, which comprises members from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Åland, is to protect the marine environment of the Baltic Sea.

The foundation has been working to spread awareness of its aims, e.g. by creating networks with many environmental organisations and primary researchers, organisations and private persons working on issues connected with the Baltic Sea.

In the 15 years of its existence, the foundation has awarded 41 prizes to a total of 48 persons. This includes prizes for efforts benefiting the Baltic countries and Russia.

All the projects that have received prizes have had the effect that the authorities have adjusted their actions to take account of the projects. For some years the foundation has published a magazine with contributions by specialists.

The foundation has also arranged seminars. The activities of the Baltic Foundation mean and have meant a lot for the protection of the Baltic Sea' marine environment.

This private and wholly independent foundation has shown that a relatively small number of actors can create awareness of the important environmental issues concerning the Baltic Sea.