Bengt-Owe Jansson, Professor, Sweden

Bengt Owe Janssons has had a decisive influence on marine environments and environmental problems for more than 40 years. He has been a leading figure in Swedish and international marine research for a long time, first and foremost with respect to the Baltic Sea, and his research and efforts for education and research have been decisive for the knowledge we now have about the Baltic Sea.

He has contributed significantly to an increased understanding of the structure, function, dynamics and change of the ecosystem and has previously pioneered adapting research to practical environmental protection and transferring basic research data to the exploitation of natural resources. He was one of the first who saw clearly the great importance of linking natural science, social science and the humanity/nature system.

Bengt Owe Jansson was the initiator and founder of the Askö field research centre in the Stockholm archipelago, and was also behind the proposal to set up the 4 present Marina Research Centres, as well as being principal of the Stockholm Marine Research Centre.

He has been a professor since 1972, has authored several hundred articles in international journals and has been prominent nationally in the marine and environmental context.

He is highly respected internationally and has been a guest lecturer in the USA, Germany and Japan. Today Bengt Owe Jansson is Emeritus Professor in Marine Ecology at the University of Stockholm.