Georg Olsen

Georg Olsen
Leiff Josefsen
Nominated for the work “Inri”

An all-round artist and well-known painter and actor from Aasiaat in northern Greenland, Georg Olsen is also an exceptional composer and lyricist. Olsen is not afraid to push the limits and is eager to renew himself musically, so he surprises his audiences every time he releases a new record.

Inri is Georg Olsen’s fourth album and combines heavy metal with electronica. The album was recorded in a very small village called Kangersuatsiaq with 173 inhabitants in the very north of Greenland, high above the arctic circle where the sun never rises during the winter months. Here Inri was recorded in a small hut with hunters and fishermen who play heavy metal.

If you listen closely to the melodies, they create a world that complements the powerful lyrics about love, sadness, disappointment, and anger. Anger with the post-colonial issues, Greenlandic myths, history, religion, and love. The music also lets you wander in a world of darkness in northern Greenland.

Inri is about anger, love, and history. The title is about Jesus and his final days, where the message is “Do we really want to repeat history and kill those who rise and want to help us?” “Don’t nail our saviour, don’t scourge him; we’ll come to him.” It is a piece driven by emotions, spirituality, and intuition.

Although Olsen has taken a great risk, his commitment to composing music with a genre as unforgiving as heavy metal gives rise to different sources of inspiration that he successfully translates into music. Olsen is an artist who employs a high degree of seriousness and quality in his compositions.