The Ilmari Project, Finland

Informasjonsprosjektet Ilmari
Participants: Nuorten Akatemia (the Youth Academy), Luonto-Liitto (the Finnish Nature League), Dodo, Maan ystävät (Friends of the Earth), Finland

Between 2003 and 2006, the 'Ilmari' information project has improved awareness of climate change and increased the interest in sustainable ways of life among secondary school pupils.

The organisations involved in the project trained their activists as 'environment ambassadors', who visited schools and provided pupils with motivational, informative and educational input.

The youngsters have been encouraged, through games and discussions, to play an active part, and the project has received positive feedback from the pupils themselves.

The Internet service 'Note' has provided additional resources in the form of free online access to teaching materials, and the environment ambassadors have also been able to offer activities outside of school hours, including online games, environmental clubs and theme evenings.

The project encourages young people not only to independently assess the issues and make the right environmental choices in their daily life, but also to exert influence on national and international debates and policies. The project was funded by the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry.