Nominations 2011


Brøchner Hotels

Brøchner Hotels are nominated because of their commitment to the environment as the world's first carbon neutral hotel chain. In addition to the hotel chain's five-point environmental plan, Brøchner Hotels have imposed tough demands on their partners thus communicating their message to the entire hotel industry.


Jens Erik Larsen/Frie Fugle

Jens Erik Larsen (JEL) from the association Frie Fugle is nominated because of his participation in the establishment of cycle routes in Denmark and Europe, and his activity in the European Cyclists' Federation (EuroVelo). He has also led the working group for 12 cycle routes in Europe, and worked with the tent scheme in Denmark.



The Marguerite Route

The Marguerite Route is nominated on the basis of the updating project "The Marguerite Route into the 21st Century". This green road route gives opportunities for outdoor experiences which can be combined with riding, kayaking, cycling and canoeing. The project is also working on a joint Scandinavian tourist route.




Suomen luomumatkailuyhdistys – ECEAT Suomi Ry

"Suomen luomumatkailuyhdistys" (ECEAT Finland) runs eco-tourism with 33 Finnish destinations, such as, for example, organic farms, eco-villages and places with particular focus on environmental protection. As the first member country in ECEAT – European Centre for Ecological Agricultural Tourism, the association has developed a quality system for environmentally friendly tourism.




Ilulissat Icefjord Office /Naja Habermann

The Ilulissat Icefjord Office aims to promote and develop sustainable tourism, and especially at Ilulissat Icefjord, which is on the UNESCO's World Heritage List. This has been done through events such as theme days, international work camps, construction of safe, sustainable trails and teacher training.





Farfugla is an independent organization working for sustainable development and tourism. The association runs 36 hostels and has received the Tourist Board's environmental award for its work. The hostels focus on informing their guests about environmental measures.



Icelandic Mountain Guides and the Icelandic Tour Company A/S

Icelandic Mountain Guides was founded in 1994 by four friends and has specialised in environmentally friendly hiking and glacier tours. Their aim is for tourists to experience nature without "leaving a lasting trace". In addition, the company has a great community involvement, and has made comments to municipal evaluations on the consequences that different projects may have on the environment.


Høve Støtt AS

Høve Støtt AS was the second company in Norway to be certified by Ecotourism Norway and is based at the international ski resort Geilo. It works to make the place more sustainable and contribute positively to the development of the Hol municipality national park. Høve Støtt focuses on innovation which leads to a new outdoor experience every season.

Scandic Hotels

Since 1993, Scandic Hotels have worked to become an environmentally friendly hotel chain. The hotel chain places tough demands on suppliers, energy procurement and informs hotel guests on environmental initiatives. In addition to its own Scandic Sustainability Fund, Scandic is also a co-founder of the Stockholm Water Prize.

Åland Islands


The tourist centre Silverskär is nominated following a successful expansion of environmentally friendly buildings, built by local tradesmen with materials from nearby forests. The meeting place is run with the help of geothermal heating, solar panels and a bio-waste facility.