The organisation 'Save the Vefsna', Mosjøen, Norway

'Save the Vefsna' is a private, non-political organisation established in February 2003, with 7 members on the Board of Directors. The organisation is nominated for its work to save the Vefsna watercourse for future generations from the construction of a proposed power plant.

Its aims are to work for the Vefsna’s long-term protection by including it in Norway's protection plan for watercourses. If this does not happen, the organisation will work to block potential applications for a concession for the power plant. The organisation will also work to promote increased understanding of the importance of the River Vefsna for future commercial development and settlements in the district, and will represent the Vesfna with reference to current recreational and leisure opportunities, and work to promote the coming generations' interest as well as sensible management of the local resources.

A large number of national organisations support the nomination of the organisation 'Save the Vefsna' for the prize.

A great deal of 'Save the Vefsna' s work is made up of the dissemination of information and knowledge.

In a report published by the Nordic Council of Ministers, it is proposed to protect the Vefsna as one of the most precious watercourses in the Nordic water cultural heritage, also with reference to the fact that the Vefsna is one of the few rivers which is still untouched by human interference and as such is tremendously important for research, education and management.

'Save the Vefsna' carries out tremendously important work that, with few financial means, has managed to give focus to the global importance of the Vefsna river.