Urban Emanuelsson, Swedish Biodiversity Centre, Uppsala, Sweden

Urban Emanuelsson, who is a much sought after speaker both at home and abroad, is nominated for his committed work over many years for the preservation and sustainable exploitation of biological diversity and natural resources in a landscape perspective.

Urban Emanuelsson has worked tirelessly to emphasise the role and great influence of human beings in protecting the cultural heritage of our landscape today.

He works actively to build bridges over the gap that is often said to exist between natural science and social science, between people and nature.

He saw early on the historical importance of using fields for today's landscape and biodiversity which, for example, came to expression in a book called 'The Cultural Landscape of Scania', which he co-wrote with other biologists and geographers.

He points out very clearly that the continued existence of plants and animals lies precisely in human knowledge and commitment. This is expressed in his work with the so-called Ölands model which is used to manage farmed land with its rich cultural element.

However, the model's progress is the result of many people's commitment and few can take the credit for that. But if any one person can take the credit, it is Urban Emanuelsson.

Urban Emanuelsson is also working on several research projects, HagmarksMistra and the Conservation Chain, and leads the work to complete a planned publication in three volumes on man's relationship to landscape, plants and animals in Sweden in the past, the present and the future.