Vattenfall AB, Lars G. Josefsson, Sweden

Lars G. Josefsson, Vattenfall AB
The biggest producer of energy in the Nordic Region, Vattenfall, has developed a model for long-term global co-operation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, representing a 'third way' between the Kyoto protocol and the American way of thinking.

The model is partially based on a joint and binding commitment by all countries to take part in the system right from the outset, and also on taking into account the level of development of the economies in question. Therefore, although rich nations would bear the weightiest burden, relative levels of competitiveness between countries would remain unaltered.

According to Vattenfall, meeting the challenges of climate change necessitates a well-organised strategy combining technology, economics and politics in order to impress upon captains of industry the urgent need to reduce CO2 emissions.