SVÄNG is one of 13 artists nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2019.

SVÄNG is a harmonica quartet founded in 2003 who have set completely new standards for harmonica music with their original and virtuoso use of the instrument.

In the course of their career, SVÄNG have played more than 500 concerts in 25 countries and released eight albums, the repertoire of which, ranging from Sibelius to Finnish tango and masterful original compositions, demonstrates that the outwardly modest possibilities and scale of expression of the harmonica are almost limitless.

Although three of the members are graduates of the folk music department of the Sibelius Academy, SVÄNG is anything but an academic ensemble. In their music, artistically ambitious music in the most peculiar genres is intertwined with skewed, arch-Kaurismäkian humour.

SVÄNG invite their listeners on an amazing aural journey, and this vital, genre-busting quartet has also been called “the harmonica equivalent of the Kronos quartet, with a great gift for entertainment and a deep passion for music” (Songlines Magazine 6/11).