30.06.22 | News

    Sustainability Committee: “Nordic production of oil and gas must be reduced in the long run”

    Against the backdrop of the shrinking Greenland ice sheet, the Nordic Sustainability Committee met in Ilulissat to adopt a position on several proposals with a bearing on the climate crisis. The committee began the sensitive discussion on reducing the production of fossil fuels in the N...

    29.06.22 | News

    Committee: reconsider unsustainable savings on education and culture!

    The Ministers for Nordic Co-operation should reconsider their decision to finance green investments with funds from the education and culture sectors, as these are crucial for achieving the vision of the Nordic Region being the world’s most sustainable and integrated region by 2030. Thi...

    03.05.22 | Declaration

    Finalising the Global Biodiversity Deal – The Nordic Approach

    The Nordic Ministers for the Environment and Climate approved the following Declaration at their meeting in Oslo on 3 May 2022.

    01.06.22 | Information

    Arendal Week 2022

    15 to 18 August 2022: Arendal Week in Norway