14.04.21 | News

Proposal for a Nordic youth fund for biodiversity and the climate

When Greta Tunberg turned down the Nordic Council Environment Prize a couple of years ago, the idea emerged of a fund for young people who want to run projects on biodiversity and the climate. Yesterday, the Nordic Sustainability Committee backed the proposal to set up a fund and is now...

13.04.21 | News

Young people hold governments and UN to account for solving nature crisis – but they want to get involved

Young people and Nordic residents who are committed to the environment are deeply concerned about the loss of species and biodiversity. This has been demonstrated by a survey of 2,200 people from all the Nordic countries. These answers will now be used to make demands on governments and...

11.05.20 | Declaration

Declaration on Nordic commitment for the global climate agenda

Declaration on Nordic commitment for the global climate agenda.

25.01.21 | Information

Take part in the survey on biodiversity - and make your voice heard!