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Nordic Matters ends in style

19.12.17 | Uutinen
The Great Nordic Feast på Southbank Centre i London
Tina Stafrén
ABBA SuperTroupers, a grand musical journey featuring the legendary Swedish pop group, rounds off this year’s Nordic festival Nordic Matters at the South Bank Centre in London. The festival on the banks of the Thames has showcased the Nordic Region throughout 2017 and has been an undeniable success.

The Great Nordic Feast

From 20 to 22 October, the Southbank Centre was the venue of The Great Nordic Feast, a huge celebration of Nordic food featuring 30 of the best chefs and bakers from the Nordic Region - the first of its kind in London. The event attracted around 1,500 people and offered some up-close-and-personal experiences. Guests could watch the chefs and bakers prepare the food over an open fire in the middle of the Southbank Festival Terrace overlooking the Thames. The event was very well received by the media with a reach of around 120 million. The UK’s five Nordic Visit organisations organised the event.

However Low the Sun

On the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice on 21 December, Danish artist Kirsten Bertelsen will present a sound installation in Greenwich Park in London featuring the favourite Nordic lullabies of the five Nordic ambassadors. Church singers from each of the Nordic countries recorded the songs that will be played at sunset in Greenwich Park where the prime meridian marks the so-called “start of time”. The songs are something of a distant greeting from the Nordic countries to the UK. Lullabies are some of the oldest songs in Nordic folk song tradition and have been sung by women to children for centuries. 

Both The Great Nordic Feast and However Low the Sun are supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding for the branding of the Nordic Region #TheNordics

Nordic Matters is an art and culture festival at the Southbank Centre in London, which took place throughout 2017 with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers.