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Fundur fólksins 2023

15.09.23 | Tapahtuma
Iceland's democracy festival, Fundur fólksins, will be held in and around The Nordic House in Reykjavik.

On Friday 15 September, the emphasis will be on children and young people, while Saturday 16 September is for anyone who's interested in getting involved. On both days, the central theme of the events is Nordic co-operation.


15 - 16.09.2023
10:00 - 15:00

Fundur fólksins
Nordens Hus



All times are local time (GMT).

15 September 10 AM: Social awareness and democracy - how do we promote youth participation in social activities?

Participating in extracurricular activities and clubs can boost young people's self-confidence and prevent social problems and distress. Despite that, the Nordic countries are experiencing dwindling participation of young people in clubs and social organisations. What obstacles must be overcome in order to turn this trend around?

15 September 10 AM: See, sow and sample - workshops on seeds and growing food

What does a seed look like? Where is the food we eat grown, and what can we grow in the Nordic countries?

16 September 12 PM: Housing Policy for Everyone – how do we ensure more equal opportunities?

How well are the government and local authorities progressing towards their own objectives for affordable housing? What remedies are available and how effective are they? Does the system need to be rethought to ensure equality?

16 September 1 PM: New Nordic Bauhaus – How will we live and build in a Carbon Neutral world?

How do we want to live and build in the future when we do not strain the earth's balance and resources? What is "the good Nordic life" in the CO2-neutral society of the future? 

16 September 2 PM: Sustainable food choices for health and the environment - an opportunity for the future

We should eat more vegetables and less meat both for our health and for the climate. For the first time, the Nordic nutritional recommendations focus both on what food is good for health - and for the environment