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Folkemødet 2023: Women in War

17.06.23 | Begivenheder
Pexels Dmitry Zvolskiy
How is the relationship between the Ukrainian- and Russian diaspora, after more than a year after Russia started its full-scale invasion and war in Ukraine? Is it possible for them to enter into a dialogue - maybe even be able to join forces to change the current situation?

NB: Denne debat vil blive gennemført på engelsk / This event will be in English


15:15 - 16:15

A20 - Nordisk Ministerråd og Nordisk Råd
Allinge, Bornholm

Debate meeting

In this Nordic Talks panel, we let people talk to people. Is there still an opportunity for dialogue and trust in the future or has Russia's war on Ukraine destroyed any hope of dialogue between Russians and Ukrainians – now and in the future?

Join this panel to hear an honest and raw conversation about the consequences the war has on the lives of Lesia Ignatyk-Eriksen, Chairperson of the NGO ‘Association of Ukrainians in Denmark’, Oksana Nykytyuk, Regional Program Officer at The Ukrainian-Danish Youth House, and Daria Wagner, Chairperson of Danish Friends of Democratic Russia and founder of the organisation ‘Copenhagen for Navalny’


  • Oksana Nykytyuk, Regional Program Officer, The Ukrainian-Danish Youth House
  • Daria Wagner, Chairperson, Danish Friends of Democratic Russia
  • Lesia Ignatyk-Eriksen, Chairperson, Association of Ukrainians in Denmark 

Moderator: Olga Johannesson, Nordic Connection