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LAMPA 2023: Where is our village? Support for young families with children

10.06.23 | Begivenheder
We will discuss how to create and provide a "village" or support system for each newborn and its family, what are the existing and missing support solutions, what is the Nordic experience in the field of family support, and what would be the best family support model for Latvia?


11:00 - 12:00

Conversation Festival LAMPA

Debate meeting

The discussion is organised by the Latvian Child Welfare Network in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Latvia. The discussion is supported by the Society Integration Fund from the Latvian state budget. The Latvian Child Welfare Network is responsible for the content of the material.  

Language: English.  


  • Ilze Kurme, Head of the Children and Family Policy Department at the Ministry of Welfare (Latvia)
  • Pia Suvivuo, Senior Specialist at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (Finland)
  • Lauris Bokišs, board chairman of the family support association “Fathers” (Latvia)
  • Madara Kanasta-Ieviņa, board chairman of the Child Welfare Network (Latvia

Moderator: Vilis Brūveris, project manager at the Child Welfare Network (Latvia)