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Arvamus Opinion Festival 2023

11.08.23 | Begivenheder
Jana Laigo
The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Estonian office has been an enthusiastic partner to the Opinion Festival (Arvamusfestival) for eight years, since it is a worthwhile platform on which to discuss issues of social importance, to hear a wide range of views and to pinpoint problem areas we need to work to eradicate.


12:00 - 18:00

Resilience (Säiliv ja nõtke) stage


We have great plans – our vision is for the Nordic-Baltic region to be a green, competitive and socially sustainable one by 2030. Those plans are reflected in the discussions we are spearheading at this year’s Opinion Festival as we are concentrating on the topics of social and environmental resilience. The discussions will take place under the banner ‘Resilience’ on Friday, August 11.

Our events during Arvamusfestival 2023

Please not that all times are EET.

11 August at 14.00: The Happy Place – Stuck in a Purgatory of Your Work Life

When looking for a new job we are often won over by keywords like flexible working hours, work-private life balance, a supportive team etc... but the reality turns out to be quite different than expected. Which factors in the work environment are essential for high productivity and is it even possible to create a happy working environment or are we all just stuck in a work life purgatory?

11 August at 16.00: Greenwashing Takes a Toll on Green Transition

Are the companies with great and inspiring green slogans really striving towards a more sustainable future or is it just greenwashing, a marketing gimmick intended to mislead consumers who prefer to buy goods and services from environmentally conscious brands?