31.10.19 | News

Call for action to prevent suicide

Suicide rates are worryingly high in the Nordic region. The countries should work together on preventative measures and share knowledge and best practices to help people in need, the Nordic Council Welfare Committee believes.

30.10.19 | News

Pornofri skoler i Norden

Børn og unge kan tage skade af hård porno på internettet og tilgangen hertil skal ikke være mulig i børne- og ungemiljøer og for børn og unge på internettet generelt. Et flertal i Nordisk Råds velfærdsudvalg har derfor besluttet at arbejde for blandt andet fælles Nordisk digitale retnin...

29.04.19 | Information

The competencies of the future

The idea behind the agenda for the competencies of the future is to better prepare people of all ages for the society that lies ahead. We want everybody in the Nordic Region to have the knowledge and skills to cope with a more complex future. Perhaps just as importantly, we also want th...