The grading scale in Greenland

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Here you can read about the grading scale that is used in Greenland.

In Greenland, the Greenlandic Grading System (GGS) is used at all levels of education, from primary school to higher education.

This corresponds to the ECTS scale as follows:

A: equivalent to 12 on the Danish 7-point scale.

B: equivalent to 10 on the Danish 7-point scale.

C: equivalent to 7 on the Danish 7-point scale.

D: equivalent to 4 on the Danish 7-point scale.

E: equivalent to 2 on the Danish 7-point scale.

F: equivalent to 0 on the Danish 7-point scale.

Fx: equivalent to -3 on the Danish 7-point scale.


Grade E is the lowest pass grade.

How the scale is used when applying for admission to higher education

If you have passed all subjects with grade E or higher in primary school, you are eligible for admission to upper secondary school. Admission to higher education requires a pass grade in upper secondary school.

Some study programmes require a certain average grade for admission.  Here the grades are converted to the Danish 7-point scale. In addition, some programmes may require certain subjects to be passed at a certain level.

Conversion of grades from other Nordic countries

You can see how to convert your grade to other, foreign grading scales on the website of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Contact your school or study administration if you have questions about grades. You can also find more information at Sunngu, the Greenlandic education guide, and at Majoriaq, the Greenlandic qualification centre. 

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