Running a business in the Faroe Islands

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Heidi Orava
Read about start-up, recruiting, selling and trading with your new business in the Faroe Islands.

On this page we have gathered links to the information you need on how to set up a company, recruit staff and operate, as well as tips on how to sell or trade products in another Nordic market, or hire staff across the borders of the Nordic countries.

Starting a business in the Faroe Islands

If you want to start a business in the Faroe Islands, you can obtain information about setting up, recruiting and running a business from various authorities. You can obtain specific details on how to plan and get started with your business, and how to choose a company form and company name, create a business plan and register your business.


We provide general information on starting your own business in the Faroe Islands, and you should also check out the official information site of the government of the Faroe Islands. For more detailed information about starting a company, contact the relevant authorities: the tax authority TAKS and the company registration authority Skráseting Føroya.

Faroese companies in the Nordic region

Faroese companies who wish to establish themselves in or trade with other countries can obtain information and help from the following authorities.

Contact authority

If you have any questions about starting or running a business in the Faroe Islands, please contact the tax authority, TAKS.

Ask Info Norden

Please fill in our contact form if you have any questions or if you have encountered an obstacle in another Nordic country.

NB! If you have questions regarding the processing of a specific case or application, or other personal matters, please contact the relevant authority directly.

Info Norden is the information service of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Here you can find info and tips if you wish to move, work, study, seek support or start a business in the Nordic region.