The Greenland flag

Grønlandsk flag


The Greenland flag was designed by Thue Christiansen and adopted on 21 June 1985. It is called Erfalasorput, which means “our flag”. The red colour is called Aappalaartoq (“red”) and is used both in the Greenland flag and the Danish flag (Dannebrog). The red and white symbolise hundreds of years as part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The circle in the middle represents the sun setting on the horizon and the light and warmth that return at midsummer. The fact that the Greenland flag does not feature a cross shows clearly that the country has a degree of political freedom as well as a close affinity with the other Inuit peoples around the pole.

The official red colour is Pantone 032, which corresponds fairly accurately to the digital colours:

R:244  G41  B:65

C:0  M:96  Y:74  K:0