Five Nordic Council prizes awarded in Reykjavík

27.10.15 | News
Vinnarna av Nordiska rådets priser 2015
Magnus Froderberg/
Jon Fosse (Norway), Svante Henryson and Jakob Wegelius (Sweden), Dagur Kári, Baltasar Kormákur and Agnes Johansen (Iceland), and Hákun Djurhuus (Faroe Islands) were the delighted winners at the Nordic Council award ceremony in Harpa, Reykjavík.


Jon Fosse was awarded the Literature Prize for Trilogien (The Trilogy): Andvake (Sleepless), Olavs draumar (Olav’s Dreams) and Kveldsvævd (Weariness)”.

The Adjudication Committee wrote:

“This year’s prize-winner is epitomised by a rare combination of innovative style and the ability to connect with readers across time and space. Conveyed in a highly poetic form of prose and with a wilfully playful attitude to the narrative, this love story spans all times and no time.”


Svante Henryson was awarded the Music Prize. The Adjudication Committee wrote:

“The Swedish cellist, bass player and composer Svante Henryson has applied his unique creativity and virtuosity to a range of genres during what has been a fascinating and varied career.”

Children and Young People’s Literature

Jakob Wegelius was awarded the Children and Young People’s Literature Prize for The Murderer’s Ape.

The Adjudication Committee wrote: “Jakob Wegelius injects a new lease of life into the classic adventure story. Along with a gorilla named Sally Jones, the reader visits the run-down docks of Lisbon... Detailed portraits and vignettes, as well as maps that chart Sally’s adventures, make this a book that is as visual as it is literary.”


The Icelandic director and scriptwriter Dagur Kári and the producers Baltasar Kormákur and Agnes Johansen were awarded the Film Prize for Fúsi (Virgin Mountain).

The Adjudication Committee wrote:

“A simple and visually inventive tale about preserving your goodness and innocence in a seemingly impenetrable world. Dagur Kári’s artistic ascent of a male virgin mountain results in a deeply moving and captivating film, offering a dignified portrait of its gentle giant of a man, as well as poignant depictions of the women around him.”

Nature and Environment

Director Hákun Djurhuus accepted the Nature and Environment Prize on behalf of the Faroese electricity company SEV. The prize was awarded in recognition of the company’s ambitious targets and innovation.

The DKK 350,000 prizes were all handed over a ceremony during annual autumn Session of the Nordic Council in Reykjavík.