The Nordic model inspired global actors in New York

26.09.18 | News
Jeppe Albers, UNGA
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- Countering violent extremism and radicalization requires partnerships, collaboration and engagement from top–bottom and bottom–up, says UN official. That is what Nordic Safe Cities can deliver.

This week Jeppe Albers, Director of Nordic Safe Cities, has been speaking at a high-level side event at the UN General Assembly together with key stakeholders, from all over the world, all working to prevent and counter violent extremism and terrorism.

- At these events we experience a great interest in the Nordic model and how the model ensures support from the national and regional level to inspire local actions from civil society organisations and agencies such as schools, police and social services, says Jeppe Albers.

This view was reinforced by the UN Counterterrorism Center Deputy Director, Steven Siqueira as he stated in his speech at the side event

Countering violent extremism and radicalisation requires partnerships, collaboration and engagement from top–bottom and bottom–up

Steven Siqueira, Deputy Director UN Counterterrorism Center

The Nordic prevention model

Nordic Safe Cities is attending the UN General Assembly as a mean to create global attention around the Nordic Prevention Model and enhance international partnerships. During the days in New York, Nordic Safe Cities is also meeting with the UN Counterterrorism Center, the New York Police Department as well as attending a high level closed door meeting with global experts and organizations within preventing and countering terrorism. 

- International actors seem to set a higher focus on local action and the preventive efforts than we have seen before. They are moving away from the sole focus on security and safety, says Catrine Bangum, Senior Adviser at the Nordic Council of Ministers.

She is happy for this opportunity to share the Nordic prevention model and gain insights into new approaches across the world

By being present at UN General Assembly, we have the opportunity to strengthen the Nordic prevention model and share the many years of experience, in the North, with working to ensure not only safe cities, but also creating inclusive and resilient cities, for all member of society.

Catrine Bangum

40 Nordic cities

The Nordic Safe Cities is part of the Nordic Council of Ministers program for Democracy, Inclusion and Safety (DIS). The network serves as a platform to strengthen exchange of knowledge, guidelines and tools for ensuring safe cities on a local, regional and international level. 

Over 40 Nordic cities are meeting through the Nordic Safe Cities Network and works together to gather knowledge and share best practise on how to ensure safe, trustful, tolerant and resilient cities.

You can read more about our work and how your city can be part of the network here: 

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