Karin Rehnqvist

 Karin Rehnqvist

Karin Rehnqvist - foto: Agnes Thor

Agnes Thor
Karin Rehnqvist is nominated for the 2022 Nordic Council Music Prize for the choral and orchestral work Silent Earth (2020).


Silent Earth is a bewildering and powerfully encouraging work. With the climate catastrophe as its foundation, a dramatic musical narrative emerges and leads the listener from ice into fire with a relentless force. In her work, Rehnqvist reveals her almost absolute mastery of the craft, and she manages to demonstrate the capacity of music to simultaneously define time and space, and provide an emotional experience, free for everyone to interpret.


The lyrics for Silent Earth were written by Kerstin Perski. The work has been jointly commissioned by Eduard van Beinum Stichtung and Swedish Radio, to be performed at the Berwaldhallen concert hall.