Landspítali – the National University Hospital (Iceland)

Landspitali, Islands nationale universitetssygehus (Island)
Porkell Porkelsson
Less waste, fewer single use items, recycling and minimal food waste.

Landspítali Hospital, the biggest employer in Iceland, has a highly ambitious environmental policy. The canteen has Nordic eco-label certification and it runs a popular transport scheme for its staff. The hospital is also a leader in waste sorting. In 2012–2016, it almost quadrupled its plastic recycling and doubled its organic recycling. It now recycles eight times more paper than it did in 2012. In the immediate future, the hospital will continue to pursue its climate change targets and within a decade a new hospital will be designed and built from scratch based entirely on environmentally friendly principles. Through its holistic vision, Landspítali in Reykjavik sets environmental and public-health standards both for the health sector and for society in general.