Linda Fredriksson

Tero Ahonen
Saxophonist Linda Fredriksson is nominated for the 2024 Nordic Council Music Prize for their solo debut album “Juniper” (2021).


Linda Fredriksson’s solo debut Juniper is already regarded as a classic, only two years after the album was released. When the album was released, Fredriksson (born in 1985) had already carved a substantial career as a soloist in successful ensembles – their group Mopo played music even referred to as punk jazz. Juniper ultimately highlighted Fredriksson as one of Finland’s most luminous and internationally recognised saxophonists. In Finland, the album has been awarded almost every imaginable industry prize, and for a jazz album, it has even sold well. 

Linda is known for their bold, distinctive way of letting loose. On the album Juniper, they venture into new, sensitive, and personal paths both as a composer and a performing musician. The result is an intimately fragile yet powerful whole, where lyrical beautiful melodies blend with a synthetic soundscape. The music has been described as singer-songwriter music performed by a jazz band. 

Juniper is a holistic work of art, which Linda initially conceived as a song cycle, like wordless stories. The album was created and produced in a way that deviates from the norm: during the lengthy process, they visited more than ten recording locations, from kitchens to summer cottages, workspaces to studios. For the final versions, Fredriksson freely combined various demos and studio recordings. The result is a unique, personal, and skilful whole.