Skoven i Skolen (Learning about Forests), Denmark

Skoven i Skolen (Danmark)
Frank Juel Pedersen
Learning about Forests is nominated for communicating and spreading knowledge and ideas about teaching outdoors in the countryside and outdoor schools for teachers and pupils all over Denmark.

Communication takes place on the website. Learning about Forests was founded in 1999. By 2007, 15% of the Danish schools were already working with outdoor schools. The movement for outdoor schools and outdoor teaching is driven from below. The Ministry of Education has not focused on this area. Learning about Forests works with many practicians and theorists on material and communication; the newest activity here is a climate project ‘replant the planet’ with the forestry in Denmark. Learning about Forests was founded by the Danish Forest Association, Friluftsrådet (the Outdoor Council), the Danish Wood Initiative, the Forest and Nature Agency (Ministry of the Environment) and the Ministry of Education. The company is financed by various funds and a quarter of a full year’s work for one person from the Forest and Nature Agency.