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The Nordic Co-operation at COP26 in Glasgow

Glasgow River Clyde
Thomas Nugent / The River Clyde at Glasgow
The Nordic countries have ambitious climate goals and we strongly believe that we can do more by working together. This is why we have joined forces since 2015 at the annual UN climate negotiations and the Conference of the Parties (COP) to create dialogue and knowledge sharing on climate solutions and challenges.

The Nordic countries are ready to take a global leadership on the Paris agreement goals. We possess innovative and effective climate solutions and we are ready to step up our own commitments. We believe there is much to be gained by cooperating on climate and environmental policies, and we do so on the highest level: 

  • The prime ministers’ initiative “Nordic solutions to global challenges” from 2015 made the UN Sustainability goals a high priority for the Nordic cooperation. 
  • In January 2019 the Nordic prime ministers committed themselves further to climate action with the “Declaration on Nordic Carbon Neutrality”.
  • The new Nordic vision amps up the Nordic climate cooperation even more with the goal of becoming the most sustainable region in the world.

Events in Glasgow


All events will be streamed by We Don’t Have Time and some events will be shown in the NCM channels on YouTube and Facebook.

Join us at the Nordic Hub in Helsinki

The Nordic cooperation strongly believes in both taking part in and supporting international climate negotiations. We also believe in the potential of reducing the number of flights and our carbon footprint with the help of the most up to date communication technology.

That is why we welcome you at our Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki. Our goal is to provide a place for people who don’t have the ability to attend the negotiations to gather and participate in the discussions, while reducing our climate impact. 

Learn more about our Nordic Hub here:  

The UN climate negotiations

From October 31 to November 12 world leaders will once again gather to solve the climate crisis when the UN climate negotiations take place in Glasgow, UK at the COP26.

The Nordic Council of Ministers does not have a formal role in the climate negotiations, but via our working groups and institutions, we support the search for climate solutions and contribute to the climate agenda. 

Follow us here to learn more about the program and speakers at our pavilion during COP26. For citizens and organizations without accreditation, selected events will also be available for streaming online at this site.