Climate Action at the Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki

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Helsingfors aftenstemning

Juha Kalaoja / Visit Finland
You do not have to fly all the way to Glasgow to participate in the UN Climate negotiations this year. We are having the discussions on spot in Helsinki at the Nordic COP26 Hub and want to see you there!

We welcome you to the Nordic COP26 Hub in the center of Helsinki to take part in a wide range of climate events. You will be able to follow and participate in discussions taking place in Glasgow where the world leaders will meet to solve the climate crisis.

From 5th to 12th of November we will create a virtual backdoor from Helsinki into the UN climate negotiations - the COP26 - in Glasgow, UK.

Democratic discussions

This is what is taking place: The Nordic countries will set up two joint pavilions, one in Glasgow and one in Helsinki, and connect these two with live-streamed hybrid events. We will invite experts, ministers, thought leaders, activists and many more to jointly discuss our global challenges and present Nordic solutions.

Let’s talk!

The Nordic Cooperation strongly believes in both taking part in and supporting international climate negotiations. We also believe in the potential of reducing the number of flights and our carbon footprint with the help of the most up to date communication technology.

Our goal is to provide a place for people who normally don’t have the ability to attend the negotiations to gather and participate in the discussions, while reducing our climate impact. 

Welcome to Kajsaniemenkatu 9!


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