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Būtent! Discussion Festival 2023, Lithuania

26.08.23 | Tapahtuma
people on stage during a seminar at butent festival
The mission of the festival is to foster a culture of open discussion, harmony, and tolerance. "Būtent!" has established itself as a welcoming forum for debate and community, encouraging active citizenship and democratic participation.


09:00 - 18:00



The festival's concept originated from Democracy festivals in the Nordic countries, and since its inception in 2017, it has been partnered with the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania. The Nordic Council of Ministers will participate with two seminars during the festival. 

Youth and Politics: It’s a Match! 26 august, time TBC

In a world craving change, the importance of engaging youth in politics cannot be overstated. While many young individuals express a desire to be involved, there remains untapped potential for greater youth engagement in politics and voting. According to different statistics, involvement of youth in politics and participation because of that is still low. We will discuss with young politicians from Lithuania, Denmark and Finland what would motivate young people to become more involved in politics or to express their will by voting. Drawing from the experiences of both Lithuania and the Nordic countries, we will explore successful models that have effectively engaged youth in politics in their countries. By identifying best practices, we can replicate these strategies and adapt them to specific contexts, fostering a culture of youth participation in decision-making processes.


  • Jovydas Juocevičius, Advisor to the MP of Lithuania and Member of the council of Prienai municipalit
  • Louise Thomsen, Copenhagen city council member and member for the Liberal party
  • Emilia Uljas, EU Youth Delegate and commentator on YLE’s live national morning television show on politics and society


  • Paulius Mikolaitis, video blogger, social media personality

The discussion is organised in cooperation with the Nordic Talks, Embassy of Denmark in Lithuania and Embassy of Findland in Lithuania


From Science to plate: The Future of Nordic - Baltic Food, 26 august, time TBC

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2023 including the Baltic region are launched! For the first time, they contain scientific recommendations not just for our health but also for the environment, advocating a more plant-based diet that also contains more fish and less meat. The recommendations can rightly be described as the world's most comprehensive scientific document, with several hundred scientists working on it over a four-year period. In addition to discussing how to eat healthily and sustainably, we will also look to the future - what kind of food awaits us there. The talk with Nordic and Lithuanian experts will provide new insights and hands-on advice on how the recommendations can help people make more healthy and sustainable choices in their everyday lives.


  • Karin Wendin, Professor of Food and Meal Sciences at Kristianstad University in Sweden
  • Helle Margrete Meltzer, Research Director at Norwegian Institute of Public Health, representative of Norway in committee of Nordic Nutrition Recommendations
  • Andrius Kubilius, head chef of restaurant Nineteen18


  • Sandrija Čapkauskienė, PhD in biomedical sciences, associate professor at Lithuanian University of Sport, dietician.

The discussion is organised in cooperation with the Nordic Talks, Embassy of Sweden in Lithuania and Embassy of Norway in Lithuania.