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LAMPA 2023: GAME - Democracy Labyrinth

10.06.23 | Tapahtuma
Are you still looking for your place in society? “The Labyrinth of Democracy” will help you find the right answers.


17:30 - 18:30

Conversation Festival LAMPA

Debate meeting

If you are communicative and like to talk – why not make your own broadcasts on important topics? If you like numbers, order, and rules – become an election observer!

Democracy can be strengthened in a myriad of ways, based on our individual past and experiences. Come, find your own route in "The Labyrinth of Democracy" and meet experts who have already made their choice! You can even receive “The Labyrinth of Democracy” poster as a gift. 

The game “Democracy Labyrinth” was originally developed by Fabel Kommunikation from Sweden. It has been adapted for Latvia by the association "European Movement in Latvia" with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office. 

Language: English and Latvian. 


  • Liene Valdmane, the secretary general of the European Movement (Latvia)
  • Max Valentin, consultant, and developer of democracy games (Sweden)