Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2023

Integrating Environmental Aspects


The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) constitute the scientific basis for national dietary guidelines and nutrient recommendations in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The NNR2023 is the result of five years of work of several hundred researchers and experts, in the Nordic cooperation’s biggest and most globally spread project. This sixth edition of the NNR gives, for the first time ever, recommendations not only about what food is good for our health, but also what is good for the environment. In addition, dietary reference values for nutrients have been updated, many nutrients have received reference values for the first time, and many more food groups have been analysed than in previous editions – turning NNR2023 into the most comprehensive NNR to date. In short, the NNR2023 recommends: A predominantly plant-based diet high in vegetables, fruits, berries, pulses, potatoes and whole grains. Ample intake of fish and nuts. Moderate intake of low-fat dairy products. Limited intake of red meat and poultry. Minimal intake of processed meat, alcohol, and processed foods containing high amounts of fats, salt and sugar.