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Healthy and sustainable food systems

Every day, Nordic citizens connect with local, national, and global food systems. Food is a central part of our wellbeing, life, and culture; but the food we consume can also have a negative impact on our health and the health of our planet. Transitioning our food systems to become healthy and sustainable is a necessity for achieving the goals set out in the Nordic vision and Agenda 2030.

The project Healthy and Sustainable Food Systemsseeks to advance these efforts and strengthen knowledge and provide policy tools for more healthy and sustainable food, as well as creating a platform for dialogue and discussion on the pathways forward. The project scope includes areas such as healthy and sustainable diets, behaviour change and food loss and waste, to teaching children about food production and supporting the Nordic monitoring project on diet, physical activity and overweight (NORMO).

The project is governed by the Nordic Council of Ministers for Fisheries, Agriculture, Forestry and Food, and coordinated by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Secretariat.

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