Almedalen Week 2021 - What impact has COVID-19 had on Nordic co-operation?

06.07.21 | Event
Covid daily life

Covid daily life

Ricky John Molloy/
The Nordic countries want to be the most integrated region in the world. Freedom of movement, cultural co-operation, and trade between the Nordic countries has strengthened them.


01:00 PM - 01:45 PM

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The 2015 refugee crisis showed that the borders between the Nordic countries can be closed. During the pandemic, it has become commonplace to follow how various restrictions have been introduced at national level. Border closures have affected many of us. What do those living in the Nordic Region expect of co-operation going forwards? And how do politicians respond?
Is the Nordic Region equipped to deal with post-COVID-19 life? Is there a future for Nordic co-operation and for the Nordic Region as an integrated region?

List of speakers

  • Krister Nilsson, state secretary for Anna Hallberg (Social Democrats)

  • Anna Sophie Liebst, project manager, Info Norden

  • Monica Wirkkala, Vice Director of the Swedish Institute

  • Alexander Mörk-Eidem, theatre director, Royal Dramaten Theatre of Sweden

  • Elisabet Dahlin, Ombudsman for Children in Sweden

Moderator: Tara Moshizi