04.02.21 | News

Nordic Council to host EU webinars on energy, digitalisation and antibiotic resistance

On 2-3 March, the Nordic Council will host three webinars on energy, digitalisation and antibiotic resistance. The idea is to give the members of the Council and representatives of the European Parliament and Commission a chance to discuss challenges and solutions in the three areas. T...

26.01.21 | News

Older people need online doctors, too

In recent years, the use of online services as an alternative to visiting a doctor in person has increased significantly in some of the Nordic countries. However, the number of older people using online doctors is lagging behind. The Committee for Welfare in the Nordic Region is concern...

29.09.20 | Declaration

Ministerial Declaration Digital North 2.0

This declaration, prepared by the Danish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2020, builds on the common priorities of the Nordic-Baltic countries, and follows the previous ministerial declaration, Digital North 2017-2020, the Nordic Prime Ministers’ 5G Letter of Intent, the...

25.03.19 | Information

Nordic co-operation on digitalisation

Together, the Nordic and Baltic countries will be the most integrated region in the world. This vision is a guiding principle of the council of ministers’ activities.