2024 Session of the Nordic Council in Reykjavik

28.10.24 | Event

Alþingi, Reykjavik

Bragi Þór
The 2024 Session of the Nordic Council will be held in Reykjavik between 28 and 31 October.


28 - 31.10.2024



The Session is held every year in week 44, in the country that holds the presidency. The Sessions are unique forums in which Nordic politicians discuss Nordic issues with the prime ministers and other ministers of the Nordic countries.

The Sessions are the supreme decision-making body within Nordic parliamentary co-operation. They are a unique form of regional co-operation and are attended by Nordic politicians, who are elected as members of the Nordic Council by their country’s parliament and Nordic government ministers. Although they all take part in the debates on important issues for Nordic co-operation, the right to vote is restricted to the parliamentary members. Guests and parliamentarians from other international and Nordic organisations can also take part in the debates at the Session.