Image bank

In this section, you can search for images with a Nordic theme. Our Nordic image bank is updated all of the time with topical new photos and other visual material. You may download and use most of the images for free provided you cite the source but you must follow the copyright instructions on each individual photograph.

En kvinna titar upp över en dator
man som sitter med en laptop
man med laptop
Børn skole
Children and young people
Flygninge børn
framsidor av rapporter om framtidens arbetsliv
Future of work-rapporter
Flemming Møller Mortensen, ny nordisk samarbetsminister 2020.
Flemming Møller Mortensen
Sustainable Leadership in the Arts – Climate Action
Sustainable Leadership in the Arts – Climate Action
klimadebat choosing green 2020
Choosing Green Summit 2020
Publikum ved Choosing Green på scenen i Købehavn
Deltager ved Choosing Green