Bank accounts in Finland

Pankkitili Suomessa
In this section you will find information on banking services in Finland.

Opening a bank account

A Finnish personal identity code is not essential for opening a bank account, but customers must always be able to prove their identity reliably. The surest way to verify your identity is with a current passport or official identity card. A Nordic driving licence may also be accepted in some banks as an identity document. Not having a Finnish personal identity code may restrict access to some banking service agreements such as payment card and online banking agreements. 

Opening a bank account often requires a legitimate and admissible requirement, for example permanent domicile, employment or studying in Finland. Proof of employment could be a current employment contract or salary slip, and in the case of studies a certificate of admission to your place of study or a student card.

Banks can check the credit history of persons opening bank accounts. More information on banking services in Finland is available from the banks and FINE the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau.

Banks operating in Finland include Nordea, OP Cooperative Banks, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Savings Bank, S-Bank and POP Bank.


Home loan in Finland, buying a home in another country?

As a rule, only a home in Finland can be used as security for a home loan granted by a Finnish bank. So if you are planning to take a home loan from a Finnish bank to buy a home in another Nordic country, contact your bank and ask if you can use the home you are buying in another Nordic country as security.

Buying a home in Finland, home loan from another country?

If you are buying a home in Finland and are planning to take a home loan from a foreign bank, you may not necessarily be able to use the home in Finland as security for a home loan from another Nordic country. Check with your bank.

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