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Karin Beate Nøsterud
Here you can read about child benefit in Åland and how to apply for it. You can also find out about how to get child benefit in Åland as a Nordic citizen working in Åland. There are also links for child benefit for families in international situations.

In Åland, child benefit is financed by the Government of Åland. But Ålanders have to apply for child benefit through Kela. The rules are the same as in Finland, except that the amounts are different. In Åland, child benefit is higher than in the rest of Finland. 

Child benefit

Åland child benefit is staggered depending on the number of children in the family. The benefit is higher the more children there are in the family under the age of 17. In Åland, if you are a single parent who is not married or cohabiting, you get a supplement for each child. Kela pays the child benefit, which is tax-free, for children who are resident in Åland until they reach the age of 17 years. Child benefit is residence-based and payment ceases the month after you move abroad. Child benefit starts to be paid the month after the child is born or the month after you gain the right to child benefit.

How do you claim child benefit?

To apply for child benefit via Kela’s e-services, log in with your online banking codes or mobile ID. If this doesn’t work, you can fill in the form Application - Child Benefit and send the form to Kela.

Nordic citizens

If you are a Nordic citizen, work in Åland or are covered by social security in Åland, you can get Åland child benefit for your children. The condition for getting Åland child benefit is that your children are also resident in Åland.

More information

In the following links you can find more information on child benefit in the other Nordic countries, how the law on child benefit is applied in Åland and Kela’s useful pages on benefits for families with children

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