Housing benefits in Finland

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Here you will find information on what types of housing benefits are available in Finland.

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) provides assistance with housing costs in a number of different ways. You can generally only receive one housing benefit at a time. When applying for housing benefit from Kela, first check what is the right benefit for you and your family.

General housing allowance

General housing allowance is intended to help low-income households to meet their housing costs. A household comprises the persons sharing living quarters, and housing allowance is paid to the household as a whole. As well as housing costs, the amount of housing allowance is affected by the number of adults and children in the household, income and where the home is located. In order to receive general housing allowance, you must be covered by the Finnish social security system. Benefits are only granted towards the costs of a home in Finland.

Housing allowance for pensioners

Housing allowance for pensioners is intended for low-income pensioners.

Housing assistance for conscripts

Housing assistance for conscripts is intended for persons doing military, non-military or voluntary armed service.

Housing supplement of student financial aid

Housing supplement of student financial aid is only paid

  • to persons studying abroad and living in rented accommodation,
  • persons studying in Finland at a folk high school, a sport training centre or a learning centre in the Sami area who pay for their studies and live in a dormitory of the establishment or
  • persons studying in the Åland Islands and living in rented accommodation.

Other persons studying in Finland get general housing allowance on the same terms and conditions as others.

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