Personal identity code in Finland

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This section provides information on personal identity codes in Finland.

Personal identity code

Persons who move to Finland permanently receive a Finnish personal identity code after moving to Finland and after they have visited the Local Register Office in person and registered in the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

In some cases persons staying in Finland temporarily can get a Finnish personal identity code. However, one of the conditions for this is that the Finnish authorities need a personal identity code, for example for taxation purposes. In that case you need to register in person either at the Local Register Office, tax office or Finnish Immigration Service when applying for right of residence or a residence permit and make a temporary notification of move at your Digital and Population Data Services Agency register a temporary residential address. This applies at least to situations where someone moves to Finland to work for a Finnish employer. This is because in Finland employees are covered by social benefits granted on the basis of employment.

A personal identity code is permanent, even if the move is temporary in nature. Receiving a Finnish personal identity code does not affect personal identity codes given by other countries; in Finland you use your Finnish personal identity code and in other countries the personal identity code of that country.

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