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Vakuutukset Suomessa
On this page you can find information on private insurance policies in Finland. The most common are home and motor insurance, and among voluntary insurance policies, travel and accident insurance.

As well as Finnish social security, there are also many types of private insurance when you live in Finland. These include home insurance and motor liability insurance as well as voluntary insurance such as car insurance, private health insurance, accident insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and non-life insurance.

  • Home insurance is often a condition for renting a home.
  • All owners of motor vehicle are required to take out motor liability insurance, but car insurance (so-called casco insurance) is optional.
  • Insurance companies offer voluntary health insurance which can provide more extensive financial resources than mandatory health insurance for the treatment of an illness or health condition.
  • Travel insurance gives you the additional protection of private insurance during temporary stays abroad.

In addition to these, you can take out private insurance, for example against accidents, death or various types of damage.

Most insurance companies do not grant personal insurance to persons staying in Finland temporarily; a person must be living in Finland permanently or be covered by Finnish social security. Home insurance, on the other hand, can usually also be granted to persons living in Finland temporarily. The requirements are based on the companies’ own practices and not on the law, so you can ask insurance companies for more detailed information.

Insurance companies operating in Finland include Fennia, If, LähiTapiola, Pohjantähti, Pohjola Insurance, POP Insurance and Turva.

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