Public holidays in Finland

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Here you will find information on which days are public holidays, flag days or other holidays in Finland.

Public holidays are usually days off for employees. However, it is worth noting that holidays are determined by collective agreements. If a public holiday falls on a weekday, check your collective agreement to see if it is a paid day off. The only day off in law is Independence Day.

In Finland, the law does not prevent retail shops from being open on public holidays.

Public holidays in Finland

  • 1 January: New Year's Day
  • 6 January: Epiphany
  • March-April: Easter. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Day and Easter Monday. Easter Day is no earlier than 22 March and no later than 25 April.
  • 1 May: May Day
  • April-June: Ascension Day 40 days after Easter Sunday; always a Thursday, no earlier than 30 April and no later than 3 June.
  • May-June: Pentecost. Pentecost is 10 days after Ascension Day; no earlier than 10 May and no later than 13 June. 
  • June: Midsummer Day. Midsummer Day is celebrated on the Saturday following 19 June.
  • 4 November: All Saints’ Day
  • 6 December: Finland’s Independence Day
  • 25 December: Christmas Day
  • 26 December: Boxing Day

Flag days in Finland

In Finland, there are certain days when flags are flown. There are both official and established flag days. There are seven official flag days and fifteen established flag days. In addition to these, election days and the days on which the President of the Republic takes office are also official flag days.

You can find the official and established flag days on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Sámi have their own annual flag days. There are twelve of them, and they are flagged with the Sámi flag.

Other holidays in Finland

  • 6 February: Sámi National Day
  • 14 February: Valentine's Day
  • Seven weeks before Easter: Shrovetide
  • 8 March: International Women's Day
  • 23 March: Nordic Day
  • 8 April: Roma National Day
  • 9 June: Åland’s Autonomy Day
  • June: Midsummer Eve. Midsummer Eve is celebrated on the day before Midsummer Day.
  • 27 July: Sleepy Head Day
  • 24 December: Christmas Eve

Public holidays in other Nordic countries

On the following pages you will find information about public holidays celebrated in other Nordic countries.

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