Notifying a move and population registration in Finland

Muuton ilmoittaminen ja väestörekisteröinti Suomessa
Here you will find information on population registration, making a notification of move and municipalities of residence if you are moving to Finland. The same rules also apply to Åland.

Under the Nordic agreement on population registration, all persons living in the Nordic countries must be registered in a population register in one place only in the Nordic countries. On the other hand, the agreement ensures that if you move you do not drop out of the population register entirely. In Finland the authority responsible for population registration is the Digital and Population Services Agency. In Åland registration is done by the State Department of Åland.

Nordic citizens do not need any other permits, such as a residence or working permit, to reside in Finland.

Notification of move

If you move to Finland permanently from another Nordic country, you must visit the Digital and Population Services Agency in person to notify your move no later than one week from the date of moving. If your stay in Finland is due to last more than three months but less than 12 months, you must make a notification of temporary move. See below for more detailed instructions.

Please note that not all organisations that send you mail will necessarily be informed of your new address. If you want to make sure that you get all your mail sent to your new address abroad, you can order fixed-term mail forwarding or notify your new address to all the organisations that you regularly get mail from.

Temporary move

Foreigners do not need to notify a stay of less than three months in Finland.

If your stay in Finland is due to last more than three months but less than 12 months, you must make a notification of temporary move. If you move to Finland from the Nordic countries, you must make your notification of move in person at a Digital and Population Services Agency service location.

If staying for more than three months, citizens of non-Nordic EU and EEA countries must register their right of residence with the Finnish Immigration Service. You need to have an ID document with you. Citizens of non-EU or EEA countries need a visa or residence permit.

If your stay in Finland is temporary, you do not have a registered municipality of residence in Finland and thus you do not necessarily have the same rights as persons who live in Finland permanently. In certain cases, however, you can get a temporary personal identity code if you need one for work, for example.

Permanent move

If your stay in Finland is intended to be permanent or if it is due to last or has lasted more than 12 months, you must make a notification of permanent move. You make the notification of move in person at a Digital and Population Services Agency service location. For Nordic citizens, proof of identity is provided by a passport, an official identity card with photo ID indicating citizenship or an equivalent document.

Citizens of non-Nordic EU and EEA countries must also take along their certificate of registration of right of residence, which you get from the Finnish Immigration Service. Citizens of non-EU and EEA countries must produce a valid residence permit. Family members can apply for registration on the basis of family ties.

When details of the person moving are registered in the population register, they are assigned a personal identity code and municipality of residence.

Remember that a notification of move alone does not automatically entitle you to Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) benefits or social security. Entitlement to these is decided when benefits are applied for.

Municipality of residence

Everybody who is registered permanently in the population register in Finland has a Finnish municipality of residence. Your municipality of residence affects things like your taxation and healthcare. Once you have got a municipality of residence in Finland, you can apply for an income tax card instead of a tax at source card and use municipal healthcare services in your municipality of residence.

Information on Åland regional citizenship and exemption from military service for persons moving permanently to Åland is given in the article Population registration in Åland.

Living in more than one country at the same time

If someone moves and they have homes in two different Nordic countries, the registration authority in the host state (in Finland the Digital and Population Services Agency) decides separately whether the person moving is registered as living in the host state or not.

As a general rule, the state of residence is often taken to be the country where the person has substantial connections (family, home ownership, employment etc.). The registration authority of the host state makes its decision after the person has visited the registration authority in their new country of residence to register their stay. 

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