Running a business in Norway

Kontanthjælp i Sverige
Read about setting up a business, recruiting staff, selling and trading in Norway.

Starting a business in Norway

If you want to start a business in Norway, various public agencies can provide information about how you set up and run the business and recruit staff. You will then find it easier to plan and set up your business, decide on the type of business organisation, draw up a business plan, and register the company.

Norwegian Tax Administration - if your business is already up and running in Norway

If your business is already up and running, the Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetatten) can help you with questions regarding VAT, annual reports, fees, accounting, or recruitment.

Altinn - the Norwegian public agency portal for registering a business in Norway

Altinn is a service that compiles relevant information from Norwegian agencies about starting a business in Norway.

Altinn is an online portal for digital dialogue between businesses, private individuals, and public agencies. Altinn is also a technical platform that public agencies can use to develop digital services,


Innovation Norway - Tools for starting up a business in Norway

Innovation Norway (Innovasjon Norge) works to promote growth in Norwegian business by providing capital and expertise. The Innovation Norway website contains a lot of relevant information about starting and running a business in Norway. 

Permits and other considerations when you are planning to run a business in Norway

You must check whether your proposed business activity requires a permit, registration, or some other requirement to notify public agencies, municipalities or other organisations. You should also find out what insurance cover is needed when you run a business in Norway and what applies in terms of accounts, auditors, VAT and tax. 

Norwegian businesses in the Nordic region

Innovation Norway can help Norwegian companies that wish to set up or conduct business across Nordic borders. 

Enterprise Europe Network is a network that can help you with questions concerning the EU and the European market

Are you going to be self-employed in Norway?

If you are to start taking on assignments as a self-employed person in Norway, you should learn about regulations concerning tax. Read about these on the Nordic tax portal, Nordisk eTax. 

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